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Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft, Jumps On Financial Tech

by Seth Fiegerman   @sfiegerman

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bill Gates makes his biggest investment

The real-life Ironman, Bill Gates, has just announced that he will quit his job at Microsoft to free up more time for a new company that he thinks will change the world more dramatically than Microsoft ever could. The name of his new company is Bitcoin Profit and even though it is not his own idea, he has invested £770 million in it, thus influencing all decisions taken at Bitcoin Profit.

Before we dive into the details of Bitcoin Profit, first we must learn who Bill Gates is exactly. Bill Gates is a visionary, some call him the most sensible entrepreneur of our century. He believes in renewable energy and even though his ideas seem too radical and impossible for many people, Bill proves the opposite year after year. He has made it his life goal to make the world a greener, better place.

But now Gates has decided to partially withdraw from the daily management of Microsoft to be able to concentrate on his new venture in the financial sector. That is why he bought Bitcoin Profit.

What exactly is Bitcoin Profit? Bitcoin Profit is a financial technology that aims to redistribute the wealth in the world. It simply comes down to the following: removing the top 0.1% and returning it to the 99.9%. Bill believes that the wealth is insufficiently divided in our society, and although there will always be someone richer and someone poorer, the current situation where the top 0.1% controls almost 90% of the world’s wealth is not acceptable. Gates believes he can reduce that to about 20% without causing a global financial crisis. So what exactly does that mean for you, the average middle class person or person who has a bit more trouble? It means that you will be 2 – 3 times richer, and only the super rich will feel something. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

OK, that’s the theory, but how does it work you will ask? Generally, the idea is simple. The top 0.1% invest its wealth in equities, and traders on Wall Street trade it for them. The idea is to defeat the merchants on Wall Street in their own game – making profitable transactions so that Wall Street and its mountain wealth is slowly but surely starting to lose money. Just like in a poker game, where a new player sits down at a table where the bets are high, and starts to win.

In order to do that, you should be able to predict price movements better than Wall Street can. With the help of cloud computing that is possible now, and it even happens today, as Bitcoin Profit has shown! That is exactly why Gates jumped on this technology as soon as he heard about it. It is revolutionary.

Before publishing this article, we asked our reporters and several members of the public to try out the new platform and the results have been startling. Jeremy Piven, our arts correspondent managed to make £5,784 within his first week of trading, whilst from our public pool, Kristy, 37 from Sherbourne Dorset amassed a small fortune of £9,487.

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The Crypto Banking Revolution Is Coming

Original Author of this article is: Eric Wade, editor, Crypto Capital

Banks are the whip and buggy of the technology era.

We can video chat in real time with anyone on earth. Self-driving cars can escort passengers across town. Satellites thousands of miles above the earth can pinpoint our location within inches.

Yet it still takes three days to send money from, say, Chicago to Mexico City.

That’s because the global financial system relies on decades-old technology.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing that. They threaten not just the old way of doing things… but entire business models. And the banking industry is first in line.

Financial institutions that rely on antiquated ways of doing things are going to have to adapt… or become obsolete.

What does this means for the future of cryptocurrencies

Banks haven’t accepted the crypto revolution – yet.

The most obvious financial system for disruption is international money transfers. The World Bank estimates $689 billion will flow across borders in 2018, as migrants and immigrants send money home (what’s known as “remittances”).

Fees on those money transfers range anywhere from 5% to 9% (or even higher for small-sum transfers).Those fees generate more than $30 billion in revenues per year for financial institutions.

Cryptos are designed to transfer money with low costs, nearly instantaneous transactions across borders, and increased security, reliability and flexibility.

But banks have resisted innovations like this. It’s hard to blame them. They’re sitting on a $30 billion cash cow. That’s probably part of the reason why many banks have expressed skepticism (even hatred) toward cryptos.

For example, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has called bitcoin “stupid” and a “fraud,” among other things.

But not everyone is blind to crypto’s potential. Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the very definition of a slow-moving financial bureaucracy, is looking into how cryptocurrencies can interact with central banks. Recently, it said central banks may issue their own cryptocurrencies one day.

“Above all, we must keep an open mind about crypto assets and financial technology more broadly, not only because of the risks they pose, but also because of their potential to improve our lives,” IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said.

Whether or not banks want it, crypto technology is already changing the banking world…

For example, in early October, an international money transfer platform that’s as much as 70% cheaper than existing solutions launched consumer testing. On this platform, it doesn’t take days to move money across international borders… it takes seconds. And it’s powered by crypto.

The platform also frees up large chunks of capital for banks. No longer will they have to fully prefund accounts in local currencies, leaving it there in anticipation of future transfers.

Now, local currencies can be converted into crypto, instantly sent around the world, and converted back to whatever local currency the recipient desires. That gives banks access to cash they’d once left sitting in foreign bank accounts.

Consider what happens if a company wants to move money between Mexico and the European Union. It currently takes two to three days to send $1,000 across the Atlantic, and it costs between $40 to $75. With crypto and blockchain technologies, that same transaction can be completed in two minutes at a cost of $0.02.

It’s a huge step forward, with staggering implications.

If you look at overall global money flows, more than $155 trillion crosses international borders every year. And these cross-border international money transfers generate some $300 billion in revenue for banks, according to management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

It’s a matter of time before crypto and blockchaintechnologies prove they can save banks and consumers huge sums of money and time. As more banks come on board, we’ll see even more benefits.

Faster transfers will lead to accelerated money velocity – the pace at which money changes hands. That, in turn, will speed up international business, boost productivity, and ultimately accelerate innovation.

In this new environment, the earliest adopters will see the biggest profits – while driving down costs for consumers. Slower-moving banks will be forced to adapt or lose their customers. (After all, a customer doesn’t care about the technology behind a bank. He just wants services to be reliable, fast, cheap, and easy to use. If a bank can’t keep up, the customer will go elsewhere.)

Revolutions don’t always start with a bang. Some start small, gathering strength and speed until they’re so big that anyone committed to the old way of doing things is swept aside.

Crypto is small now, but I’m certain it will revolutionize the way we bank. And it’ll happen far faster than anyone suspects.

When it does, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will finally go mainstream. And that means now is the perfect time to invest in these unique assets.

Investors who get in ahead of this big shift could earn spectacular gains.

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We all have Talent

Now think of what it is?

In today’s Internet of Things (IoT) we can spread a good idea in a press of a button and reach billions of people and some will benefit from this no doubt.

This is called the power of internet and it is how we are going to just “spread the good word” about OneCoin OneLife to all mankind throughout the globe.

Our website is just one of the ways we can give people the opportunity to see what this is all about and how they could get involved and change the world for the better life. Here is what Jay Samit has explained in his speech over two years ago in our Mastermind held in Thailand

Sharing is caring and together we achieve more!

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The Novelist – Future America

The author in her award winning book predicting what Cryptocurrency would do to the country America in not too distance away from now.

Very interesting interview to watch and also at the same time believe in what you could do now for your own future making the most in digital money! It will happen with or without you!

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Dear All

It is important that you all have the time to read and watch these two videos which will not take more than an hour maximum but it will change your mind-set as well as answer all your questions that you may have in your mind at present and those that you are asking me to answer on a constant basis:

Denis Murdock’s Speech at the Thailand Mastermind – 2 December 2018 (the speech is in English and only his introduction was translated in various languages).

Dr Ruja – The Fourth EU Southeast Summit

15 October 2015 (see attached news brief for this crucial speech).

Most people are blinded by influence from others who are maybe not the correct people to provide professional guidance and leadership and yet you trust them fully without evaluating their loyalty, honesty and most importantly their integrity! Liars are always liars and cannot ever be truthful to themselves even! This is why most of these people are also not with OneLife anymore! My commitment to OneLife is no doubt for the rest of my life and I am not alone but with you all, getting the most from it. During my time in OneLife, I have witnessed on many occasions those that are not professionals, honest or has any values to their words because they have lied constantly and therefore, I have lost all my faith for what they do or indeed they say they will do? – I am moving forward with my firm focus to help everyone TO continue working with OneLife and spread this opportunity to every corner of the world and to everyone making them all benefit as well as we are all getting the most out of this once in a life time opportunity.

I do know that we won’t regret it because everything that I have done in my life so far, I have been positive with the future and that is how I survived Even-though the life style I lived has taken much of it that I made or gathered, especially the 2008 financial crush which affected most people . . .

This is why, now I am more informed from the OneAcademy education and the past life experiences god willing . . .

So, let’s be in the winning team for the 2019 and I urge you all to make yourself the most digital assets with the ONE Cryptocurrency for the masses and help create an imminent financial revolution by us all in the whole world!

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Must watch speech of Denis Murdoch – Mastermind in Thailand (2 December 2018)

This is the most important speech you can watch and listen carefully to understand what an imminent financial revolution OneCoin could bring for us all – unbanked and the masses . . .

All your doubts will go away in a split of second and now you can be proud to spread the word confidently to your friends and family to also make them financially free ??

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The changes that arise in our life and in society allow us to realize that we can live our life in a more productive way. Changes are good because they make us think beyond what we have been used to, they take us out of our comfort zone, make us rethink our actions and allow us to be more proactive and creative. Finally, changes drive us to generate improvements in our lives. It is clear that any change can be positive if we focus on the solutions and not on the problems. This is how Kamran Hye has received the financial revolution: he managed to really grasp the need that exists in the world and thus has welcomed with remarkable pleasure the evolution of money as a logical and necessary change for society. A great leader who, in addition to his hard work in developing an organic structure in the OneLife network, gives us a life lesson of total commitment. Passionate about the project, Kamran is armed with valid, logical and rational arguments that allow us to have a vision, to understand that the future of digital payments has already arrived, that in a few years, this will be our new vocabulary and it is crazy not to be part of this revolution.

Kamran Hye didn’t settle for only understanding the financial revolution, but has also taken the courage to raise his voice and communicate to the world what is happening, not only through direct sales of financial education offered by OneAcademy, but also as a journalist in different media. It is of great pride to see how this leader has the courage and strength to defend his vision before the issue of digital currencies. That’s where we see his self-confidence: Kamran believes in his skills and abilities to achieve what he aims at. And he accompanies this with total conviction towards the project he has decided to develop. In this way, we are sure that Kamran Hye is a man of commitment and determination, ready to take action so as to make his vision a reality.

Today, we have the opportunity to share this space with Kamran Hye and make known his position towards the project and some of the topics he published his articles on with the purpose of creating awareness and generating changes for society by spreading the message and making this opportunity accessible to all.

Why OneCoin and not another project?

All other cryptocurrencies are already in the market trying to create their own usability, and because of speculative buying and selling, called “pumping & dumping”, they are, therefore, unpredictable and with high volatility! However, OneCoin is different, and for the past 3.5 years, we are creating the demand, the supply and the usability, hence it will be the most stable cryptocurrency for the masses! We have a centralised base, the KYC/KYB procedure with self-regulated approach, with its 3.4 million members already on board and own exchange called “xcoinx”, as well as DealShaker for merchants, where over 62,000 of them are on board with us. It is just the most organised way to be out in the public domain.

Think for a minute and then decide what action is necessary from your own part. Making the most amount of coins now with spreading the word to friends, family and other contacts are indeed the best way forward to secure our future together with creating a legacy for at least the next 700 years, as this is the pattern of the “evolution of money” in this world (barter trading to gold silver coins, and then fiat money leading us all now to the digital era!)

My own belief and the reasons why I have chosen this business concept as my number one priority now in the creation of a legacy are the following:

• Money has evolved since the human race started to evolve. First, it was a barter trade (700 BC), to gold and silver coins (14th century), to fiat money as we know it now (21st century). Paper currency now moved towards being digital money through plastic debit and credit cards, online banking, mobile apps to PayPal and telephone banking etc.

• When on 15 August 1971 the US government suspended the guarantee of gold being the main backup for the printed paper money, the government has the free will to print as much as they wanted, forcing the devaluation of paper money and inflation.

• Computers, internet and mobile phones weren’t available then, so we all relied on paper money, and now we have e-commerce and online shopping. International trade depends on digital marketing and therefore, it is necessary for the money to match this digital challenge and evolve being part of the next technological revolution called “The Internet of Value”, hence the Blockchain technology will take over to store everything in a secure, safe and transparent public ledger.

• Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced in January 2009 and has obvious flaws like being decentralized, anonymous and volatile in the market, as it has limited supply and demand too.

• OneCoin has centralized base with the highest number of coins available for the whole global population, with a maximum of 120 billion coins. All of the other more than 1,500 digital currencies out there combined have up to half a trillion in capitalisation, when OneCoin already reached a much stronger position in revenue within the past three and half years of being in operation, and its capitalisation has gone much higher than any of other coins put together in this same period, spreading in over 194 countries worldwide. The DealShaker platform, which was introduced by OneCoin in February 2017, has beaten its own record achieving 1.8 billion of ONE (its digital currency) priced at average EUR 15.00 in the first 10 months of its operation and now getting EUR 250,000 spent every hour, 24 hours a day. On its first anniversary, DealShaker Expo in Zagreb sold 304 luxury cars with ONE being the method of payment for the large percentage of the overall payments.

• Due to the background of Dr. Ruja, her education and expertise in this field and the integrity that she has, I have 100% confidence and faith that she knows exactly where she is going with this OneCoin and OneLife Network. Since December 2017, Frank Ricketts with over 44 years of network marketing experience has taken charge of the coaching and training, going around the world, giving starter & leadership trainings with his partner Jens Laustsen. Recently, I was following them in the Asian cities of Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, Australian cities of Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane, before finishing my Asian Tour in Kuala Lumpur, where I had the opportunity to go on stage and talk about my experiences, approaching various governments, apprising them on the potential of adopting OneCoin in their countries. For this, I had prepared background information on why digital currency is necessary, as well as the background and expertise of Dr. Ruja, being the visionary behind OneCoin and OneLife, and then preparing one page bullet points of the advantages for the country and its people adapting quickly to the digital mode of payments, and then drafting a simple one page MoU for them to initiate the dialogue between OneCoin/OneLife corporate before formalizing official acceptance of our proposal.

• Time is surely running out, as we have already announced that OneCoin is due to be launched in the open market through ICO offer on 8th October 2018. It will create a huge supply and demand within the predicted millions of members and thousands of merchants that it is aiming to get in this same period from now having over 3.4 million members active mining the coins at present worldwide and over62,000 merchants on board.

What is your view on what is going to happen in 2018?

My view is that the cryptocurrency revolution needs to become understood by the people in the street. The changes are very rapid. People need to be informed, now, to take advantage of them. Of course, the messaging about the revolution needs to be tailored to the target audience in question.

The huge increases in value of some cryptocurrencies through 2017 have captured the imaginations of many. Looking forward, particular cryptocurrencies will bring around major shifts in the wealth of individuals or communities. The “Value transfer” could happen on a large scale. 2018 could well be the year in which cryptocurrencies will emerge as an important asset class for individual investors – like commodities and other alternatives.

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Crypto-currency in the 21st Century (January 2018)

An ongoing financial revolution

Kamran Hye

Cryptocurrency in the 21st century is indeed the financial revolution that is already ongoing. The internet has helped this to happen through “transfer of value”, which is digitally kept in a wallet or an ID which is only accessible by the individual having the ownership of it. Around 7.5 billion adults are living in this world, 5 billion mobile phones are being used. Meanwhile, about 2 billion people don’t have bank accounts due to being most unfortunate not having the means to open one with the correct documentation or having the money to put in the bank.

In the early to middle of 1990s the internet was introduced. It has since revolutionized the information transfer from place to place and person to person throughout the world. Communication is now almost free and doesn’t need a third party to help move information from one place to another or person to person. In exactly the same way, the Blockchain technology storing the value of Cryptocurrency or anything else for that matter will cost virtually nothing. This will not only allow individuals to transfer and control of their wealth digitally but opens the way for organizations, governments and everyone else to conduct their own affairs through Blockchain.

In short, Blockchain will cut out a lot of expensive middlemen and businesses who exist mainly to move wealth around. In my view, ordinary people around the world will benefit the most from such advances in the financial matters as well as having the ability to control their money at their convenience. Those governments who are quickly adopting this system should open up the benefits for themselves and their people too.

What needs to happen

My view is that the crypto-currency revolution needs to become understood by the man and the woman in the street everywhere. The changes are very rapid. People need to be informed, now, to take advantage of them. Of course, the messaging about the revolution needs to be tailored to the audience in question.

The huge increases in value through 2017 of some crypto-currencies have captured the imaginations of many. Looking forward, particular crypto-currencies will bring around major shifts in the wealth of individuals or communities. ‘Value transfer’ could happen on a large scale. 2018 could well be the year in which crypto-currencies emerge as an important asset class for individual investors – like commodities and other alternatives.

UK-based Kamran Hye is a miner, trader and commentator on crypto-currencies.

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Create Your Own Merchant account

‼️Must also do this if you wishes to use your existing OneLife ID as your Merchant ID as well on DealShaker‼️

Guys – this is going to be a big opportunity when you can also be selling stuff as an individual merchant and receives ONE in your account. Once you have done this, message me your ID & email address so that I can get this approved!

Amazing time guys and don’t ignore this! No one expect anyone to be “spoon fed” but to use our own efforts to make the most in life – “ultimate freedom” should be the target . . .

When you have the Digital wallet with financial freedom – what more do you need❓💥as clearly stated above💥

Triple DZ is dedicated to turn everyone into a positive “thinker” and be part of the future lasting legacy – all resources are on our website: with anyone wishes to spread the “words” to all your friends, family and colleagues . . .

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The phrase “Tom, Dick and Harry”

This is in the English language refers to ordinary people and the Powerful Opportunity [] isn’t really for the ordinary but those who are extra ordinary, the loyal and committed people in the world. The top leaders who no longer qualify for this are categorised under this particular phrase, leaving the “special” ones remaining to guide the next generation of leaders in OneLife!

OneCoin OneLife Network is indeed for those who are willing to reach out for the extraordinary financial opportunity, spreading the “word” through educating the world in OneAcademy whilst mining with promotional tokens in the form of digital assets in OneCoin, helping to create an imminent financial revolution for all.

In today’s world we are largely dependent on the internet therefore “digitally construct” money created with mathematical algorithms, secured on blockchain technology, is given the name of Cryptocurrency otherwise known as digital currency which is in fact a process of evolution to the next stage from what is known as “human construct” money called fiat currency.

Soon or later, this has to develop into what is more secure, fast, cheap and most desirable. The most convenient form of currency which is easy to use in a fraction of time for all transactions, easily stored and transferred between people, organisations and businesses. This could also be a reserve currency for all governments and central banks, granting that they are accepted as it would avoid any unnecessary delay during transactional processes. As referred previously that The European Central Bank (ECB) is already ‘pushing digital payments’ forward.

I urge you all to click on the link above and watch the video on this amazing concept to encourage you and others to make the most assets in Cryptocurrency / digital currency, preferably OneCoin as this will become an international phenomenon next year in 2019.