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Dear All

It is important that you all have the time to read and watch these two videos which will not take more than an hour maximum but it will change your mind-set as well as answer all your questions that you may have in your mind at present and those that you are asking me to answer on a constant basis:

Denis Murdock’s Speech at the Thailand Mastermind – 2 December 2018 (the speech is in English and only his introduction was translated in various languages).

Dr Ruja – The Fourth EU Southeast Summit

15 October 2015 (see attached news brief for this crucial speech).

Most people are blinded by influence from others who are maybe not the correct people to provide professional guidance and leadership and yet you trust them fully without evaluating their loyalty, honesty and most importantly their integrity! Liars are always liars and cannot ever be truthful to themselves even! This is why most of these people are also not with OneLife anymore! My commitment to OneLife is no doubt for the rest of my life and I am not alone but with you all, getting the most from it. During my time in OneLife, I have witnessed on many occasions those that are not professionals, honest or has any values to their words because they have lied constantly and therefore, I have lost all my faith for what they do or indeed they say they will do? – I am moving forward with my firm focus to help everyone TO continue working with OneLife and spread this opportunity to every corner of the world and to everyone making them all benefit as well as we are all getting the most out of this once in a life time opportunity.

I do know that we won’t regret it because everything that I have done in my life so far, I have been positive with the future and that is how I survived Even-though the life style I lived has taken much of it that I made or gathered, especially the 2008 financial crush which affected most people . . .

This is why, now I am more informed from the OneAcademy education and the past life experiences god willing . . .

So, let’s be in the winning team for the 2019 and I urge you all to make yourself the most digital assets with the ONE Cryptocurrency for the masses and help create an imminent financial revolution by us all in the whole world!


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