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ECB Pushing Digital Payments forward

The European Central Bank (ECB) are ‘pushing digital payments’ and with this news, my personal view is that “The digital currency options may rally as a safe haven in a crisis . . .” In case of when all others fail and market crushes?

Therefore, my firm belief is that by acquiring maximum digital assets now, preferably OneCoins’, it could well be a win win situation for all OneLifers! I have isolated myself into the study room to complete all 7 levels of OneAcademy and happily achieved a minimum pass rate ranging from 60% to maximum 93%

Very professionally put together, with an overview of the course structure, OneAcademy includes a well written manual in each modules and video lectures which give an insight into the financial world with all the fundamental knowledge you require to complete all the courses. These lectures provided real life examples as well as the experts talking through from their respective fields in each modules to further enhance the in-depth knowledge before taking tests in each of the modules. These tests at the end are useful in assessing how much you have learnt from the lectures within each modules. Essentially, unless you pass from the preliminary stages, you cannot progress to the next. Crucially, even when you do get a chance to retake any tests, the multiple choice questions are altered, to ensure that one does not memorise the answers to the set questions and are tested with alternative options. I urge you all to think about what we are set to achieve with our efforts, raising awareness of the imminent financial revolution that is about to reshape the current “human construct” money that we know as fiat currency. Thus, this is the last opportunity for those who wish to build their own affordable assets, in what I proudly say “ONE”, to be their number one choice!

I am not the only one saying this but a global family of over 3.5 million OneLifers spreading this opportunity in every corner of this world. This digital currency most definitely will be in the public domain next year for everyone to benefit from. Here is the link to watch what this Powerful Opportunity could offer the world and us individuals


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