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The Powerful Opportunity

The Powerful Opportunity

After watching this above Video – you need to read my own write up below and watch the other videos in those links as your own reference to ensure you understand everything about this imminent financial revolution which in my view will help you achieve the “ultimate freedom” in life as this opportunity is set to create a new payments system throughout the world.

* Cryptocurrency is a new phenomena and next financial revolution for the future, no doubt about it. If you check on the history of money evolution which is recorded from when the English calendar began from 0-700BC, it was Barter trading system and then from 700BC-1400 century it was gold silver and precious metal coins. And then in the 14th century the paper currency was introduced and now another 700 years passed to 21st century when already 70% of the payments are being done digitally – credit/debit cards, online banking, telephone banking and contactless payments as well as through mobile apps and internet are the usual ways to make payments now a days.

* Bitcoin was born out of the 2008 financial crises and it is private money with people being in control as opposed to Governments and Central Banks being in charge of the monetary system. The problem with Bitcoin is that it is decentralised and anonymous and it has attracted a dark market. On top of that, the rich people having the upper hands to manipulate the volatility to make money in the fluctuation – selling high and buying low. Watch these two Hollywood movie trailers to understand how the 2008 financial crises happened and what regulatory issues there were at the time and even now in existence?

Margin Call

Inside Job

* On 15 August 1971 the US Government withdrawn the guarantee of gold needed to be deposited before printing fiat currency (paper money) for any country and therefore, in the name of quantitive easing since then they print money to increase circulation of fiat money and on the flip side, in the name of inflation the goods and services costing more and more day-by day.

So, what we managed to buy in say ten years ago in our supermarkets for $100 now would cost much more in real monetary term. In short, money devalued and this trend will continue as long as the current system exists.

* OneLife is marketing this new payments system through Network marketing, “word of mouth” – where we are spreading the word through selling educational packages giving the all important basic knowledge, information on finances and making people aware of what’s coming in the near future. This powerful and most effective “word of mouth” marketing strategy is getting more and more people made aware of what they could achieve in this rapidly changing world and be a part of an imminent financial revolution feeling inclusive rather than only “rich getting richer” as before. Dr Ruja Ignatova being the Visionary behind it all, we are creating the supply, demand, acceptability/Usability with over 3.5 million members in over 194 countries around the world. We are definitely not a Pyramid or a Ponzi scheme because we have a product to educate and make people aware of. Furthermore, we are not MLM but operates through network marketing strategy instead.

* The current packages on offer are simply giving us the chance to make as much coins as we possibly can now till the launch into the public market as well as ICO packages for the public ending on 7 January 2019. There are only limited packages at present one of them is tycoon trader costing 5,530€ which covers 30€ as one off Admin charge and gives the mining opportunity through promotional tokens to have some coins in the digital wallet – which if realistically sold at what is predicted to be the price of ONE as being our currency expected to be in the open exchange at a minimum 35€ per coin. You could imagine the digital assets it is worth in reality then?

* The other packages including some promotional ones costing different amounts give a chance to mine for more coins or just an affordable price to own a wallet – this means that there is still a reasonable expectation, taking comparable and calculated risk to making ourselves financially free through this “once in a life time opportunity”.

* These basic packages costing ranging from 140€ including 30€ for admin to 530€ and 1130€ which are mainly to gain access to the first 1-3 levels of education and at the same time start building a network educating people and building a team of miners as well as getting small amount of coins from them through the packages and also bonuses earned from recruiting of new members – hence, we are called “educated miners”.

The Visionary Dr Ruja Ignatova launched her dream to create this global payments system for the masses in September 2014. Mining of the coins started in January 2015, initially with a smaller blockchain and later in October 2016 revised this to having a total number of coins at 120 billion. At the start of the mining in January 2015, the price of a single coin was 0.50 cent of an euro which now reached 26.95€ through promotional tokens and participation of active miners in the blockchain creating coins with mathematical computer algorithm unique to ONE which could not be duplicated and stored in the blockchain with DNA traceability digitally.

The network which is behind marketing this phenomenal community throughout the world is called “OneLife” and now reached over 3.5 million active members having KYC (know your customer) verified accounts. The whole idea behind Dr Ruja’s Vision is to educate, hence having OneAcademy and try to make aware those ordinary people about this opportunity in the world – mainly to reach those “unbanked” and “underbanked” giving them a chance to learn about digital currency otherwise known as Cryptocurrency and become educated miners acquiring ONE. Below are the key points that separates us from the rest of over 2,000 Cryptocurrencies listed at present (January 2019) in the open exchange:

Join the Financial Revolution

The First Transparent, Global Cryptocurrency for Everyone


To improve the lives of all people worldwide, we give instant access to financial services. By providing the educational tools that simplify and demystify digital currency, we help individuals and merchants to understand and use the OneCoin cryptocurrency


Powerful Blockchain

The OneCoin blockchain has a limited supply of 120bn ONE (OneCoins). Tailored for future-proof mass transactions, the OneCoin blockchain runs every minute and is designed to accommodate merchant needs


OneCoin empowers millions of people by providing global access to cross-border and low-cost financial transactions, recorded in the OneCoin blockchain in a consistent and unbroken sequences

Easy & Safe

OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency that is easy to mine, trade and use. No complicated hardware or advanced knowledge is needed. The centralized model protects its members’ safety and ensures compliance on AML


We are open and honest in our dealings. By being the first cryptocurrency storing KYC documents in its new blockchain, we set a new industry standard. Hence OneCoin makes cryptocurrency transparent and a part of our financial culture and everyday life. By working proactively with governments and policymakers, OneCoin helps the industry achieve better regulation

Currently, our DealShaker ( initially was launched in February 2017 is an e-commerce online shopping platform to bring together the worldwide merchants and customers under one roof and is the only platform that sells products and services at present. The minimum requirement is to accept at least 10% of the total price in ONE, the name of our digital currency which would be global and borderless Cryptocurrency and it is a free advertising platform for all. The main attractions are that the individual and registered business merchants is that they can showcase their products and services to a global market, giving the potential to reach out all those interested parties globally. At the same time have the choice to accept either 10% to 100% in the form of digital payments making it easier to plan business activities and cash-flow needs of their business.

As opposed to the current market and global trade, the DealShaker platform has the potential to act as a “conduit” or a “hub” for other existing e-commerce online shopping platforms and make their purchases through this amazing “all in one” global shopping link for everyone. We can just imagine how easily this could bring products and services from each corner of the world to the rest and increase income for those under privileged and poor farmers or skilled workers and talented people of the world to make their hard work reaching everyone without a middleman making a “cut” and taking their products or services to the buyers?

We have now created this all important usability through DealShaker and very soon this would attract many governments and businesses around the world to utilise this platform to their full advantage. Sooner they do this is better for their country’s economy as well as the ratio of wealth distribution for its people in the global scale.

Whether we are in it now or later, this imminent progression is no doubt already creating a huge market worldwide having witnessed DealShaker Expos happening in every corner of the world almost every week in the month. To understand where this is headed with the Cryptocurrency and it’s potential, here is an article written in FinFurture Forum Magazine and published in January 2018 by someone who is actively involved being part of a history and creating a legacy through this opportunity:

Crypto-currency in the 21st Century

An ongoing financial revolution

Kamran Hye

Cryptocurrency in the 21st century is indeed the financial revolution that is already ongoing. The internet has helped this to happen through “transfer of value”, which is digitally kept in a wallet or an ID which is only accessible by the individual having the ownership of it. Around 7.5 billion adults are living in this world, 5 billion mobile phones are being used. Meanwhile, about 2 billion people don’t have bank accounts due to being most unfortunate not having the means to open one with the correct documentation or having the money to put in the bank.

In the early to middle of 1990s the internet was introduced. It has since revolutionized the information transfer from place to place and person to person throughout the world. Communication is now almost free and doesn’t need a third party to help move information from one place to another or person to person. In exactly the same way, the Blockchain technology storing the value of Cryptocurrency or anything else for that matter will cost virtually nothing. This will not only allow individuals to transfer and control of their wealth digitally but opens the way for organizations, governments and everyone else to conduct their own affairs through Blockchain.

In short, Blockchain will cut out a lot of expensive middlemen and businesses who exist mainly to move wealth around. In my view, ordinary people around the world will benefit the most from such advances in the financial matters as well as having the ability to control their money at their convenience. Those governments who are quickly adopting this system should open up the benefits for themselves and their people too.

What needs to happen

My view is that the crypto-currency revolution needs to become understood by the man and the woman in the street everywhere. The changes are very rapid. People need to be informed, now, to take advantage of them. Of course, the messaging about the revolution needs to be tailored to the audience in question.

The huge increases in value through 2017 of some crypto-currencies have captured the imaginations of many. Looking forward, particular crypto-currencies will bring around major shifts in the wealth of individuals or communities. ‘Value transfer’ could happen on a large scale. 2018 could well be the year in which crypto-currencies emerge as an important asset class for individual investors – like commodities and other alternatives.

UK-based Kamran Hye is a miner, trader and commentator on crypto-currencies.

If after reading all these you are indeed interested (together from the information you learn from this blog and all these videos which most definitely give you all the facts & figures and only then you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed with this opportunity?

Financial IT Interview – August 2016

Dr Ruja – EU Southeast Summit

Simple explanation of Cryptocurrency from the BBC – first introduction


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