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A Question from a new prospect about how this OneCoin works and what they could do to benefit from this imminent financial revolution?

A Question from a new prospect about how this OneCoin works and what they could do to benefit from this imminent financial revolution?

My response as detailed below with supporting facts & figures:

* Cryptocurrency is a new phenomena and next financial revolution for the future, no doubt about it. If you check on the history of money evolution which started when the English calendar started from 0-700 BC it was Barter trading system then from 700-1400 century it was gold silver and precious metal coins! In the 14th century the paper currency was introduced and now another 700 years to 21st century when already 70% of the payments are being done digitally – credit/debit cards, online banking, telephone banking and contactless payments as well as through mobile apps and internet are the usual ways to make payments now a-days!

* Bitcoin was born out of the 2008 financial crises and it is private money with people being in control as opposed to Governments and Central Banks being in charge of the monetary system. The problem with Bitcoin is that it is decentralised and anonymous and it has attracted a dark market. On top of that, the rich people having the upper hands to manipulate the volatility to make money in the fluctuation – selling high and buying low. Watch these two Hollywood movie trailers to understand how the 2008 financial crises happened and what regulatory issues there were at the time and in existence even now?

Margin Call

Inside Job

* On 15 August 1971 the US Government withdrawn the guarantee of gold needed to be deposited before printing fiat currency (paper money) for any country and therefore, in the name of quantitive easing since then they print money to increase circulation and on the flip side, in the name of inflation the goods and services costing more and more day-by day! So, what we managed to buy in say 3 years ago in our supermarkets for $100 now would cost much more in real monetary term. In short, money devalued and this trend will continue as long as the current system exists.

* With OneLife Network, we are spreading the word through selling educational packages giving basic knowledge, information on finances and what’s coming in the near future. We have “word of mouth” marketing strategy to get more and more people made aware of what they could achieve in this imminent financial revolution and Dr Ruja Ignatova being the Visionary behind it all, we are creating the supply, demand, acceptability and Usability with over 3.4 million members in more than 194 countries around the world. We are definitely not a Pyramid or a Ponzi scheme because we have a product and furthermore, we are not MLM but operates through network marketing strategy instead.

* The current packages on offer are simply giving us the chance to make as much more coins as we possibly can now till the launch of our OneCoin into the public market on 8 October 2018. The highest package at present is EURs 55,555 (for Asia it is EURs 188,000) combined with a Starter package costing EURs 140 which covers EURs 30 Admin charge which gives a mining outcome of 80,000 coins – which if realistically sold at what is predicted to be the price of ONE which is our currency, expected to be in the open exchange at a minimum EURs 25.00 per coin. You could imagine where this is going?

* The next package below the above Initial Launch Package (ILP) is EURs 13,780 which allows a total of 4,800 mined coins – this means still a reasonable expectation to making some means to make ourselves financially free through this “once in a life time opportunity”.

* The other packages are EURs 5,580 giving 1,220 coins, EURs 1,130 & EURs 580 which are mainly to gain the leadership ranking and at the same time earn Commission for educating people and building a team of miners as well as getting small amount of coins from them through the bonuses being split into 60% cash and 40% in to trading accounts which automatically buys more coins and this cycle happens every Monday as long as you have active teams under you – hence, we are called “educated miners”.

If after reading all these you are interested (together with the article & video presentation below where some good links for references and watching them will certainly give you all the facts & figures and a real perspective in what we are embarked on at present) – you can then decide how to proceed with this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you soon God Willing . . .

Financial IT Interview – August 2016

BBC NewsNight Report – November 2016

To answer all your questions about OneCoin and negativity that you get to read or hear – please watch this below link:

Recent Starter trainings in Brisbane Australia where the Networking is at the full spirit:

Now I realise why this speech and brief presentation in KL was so popular and powerful of myself –

Kamran Hye
OneLife GLG Member & CEO of Triple DZ


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