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OneCoin – Cryptocurrency for the masses!

All other Cryptocurrencies are already in the market trying to create their own usability and because of speculative buy and sell which is called “pumping & dumping” in another word – they are therefore, unpredictable with high volatility! However, OneCoin is different and for the past 3.5 years we are creating the demand, supply and usability, hence it will be the most stable and chosen Cryptocurrency for the masses! We have centralised base, KYC/KYB procedure with self-regulated approach, with it’s 3.4 million members already in Board and own exchange called “xcoinx” as well as DealShaker for merchants where nearly 60,000 on board with us – it is just amazingly the most organised way to be out in the public domain. Think for a minute and then decide what action is necessary from your part? Making the most amount of coins now with spreading the word to friends and family are indeed the best way forward to secure our future together with creating a legacy for at least for the next 700 years as this is the pattern of the “evolution of money” in this world.

Kamran Hye, OneLife GLG Member & CEO of TripleDZ wrote this short message on 10 February, 2018

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