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Panic has already started for people around the world…

I love facts and figures and today the panic started for people around the world when stock markets react to what’s coming – mostly sentiments and not exactly action as yet! So, imagine if the real act has taken place what would the world markets do? Well – our Dr Ruja has taken this into consideration and I am just giving you guys my points of view which is simple; demand, supply and usability ensures that no such panic affects our ONE which is seen as the choice for the masses. Take for example – Apple Brand and it’s products don’t lose values just because the stock market crashed or finances of the world taken a hit? Similarly, OneCoin is a sentiment proof people’s Cryptocurrency with no government or central banks could influence the demand or indeed it’s supply and therefore, immune from market crashes such as what is described here below – please read and understand the way that the current economy works but not how the OneCoin will work into the future!

Kamran Hye, 6 February 2018

OneLife GLG & Triple DZ CEO

Adam Parsons

Sky News Business Correspondent

After a sustained period of growth featuring record highs, Wall Street has caught a cold, and the rest of the world has started sneezing.

Is it a sign that we may be heading back into recession, or just a necessary re-balancing of an overheated economy?

What has happened?

Stock markets across the world have fallen sharply. In America, the Dow Jones Index experienced the biggest one day fall in its history. Overnight, markets in Asia have tumbled and the FTSE 100 opened down more than 3%.


Partly because of fears that America is about to be hit by rising inflation. Tax cuts, strong corporate results and low unemployment could all mean rising inflation and that, in turn, might mean that interest rates go up.

Why does that scare investors?

Because when interest rates increase, that tends to slow corporate growth. Companies have to pay more to service debt and they might borrow less. But rising interest rates mean you have other options for where to invest money and shares would no longer be the only game in town.

Anything else?

A lot of stock trading is done automatically by computers, using very complex algorithms. At volatile times like this, they can sometimes be a bit more jittery than you might imagine.

Is this a crisis?

No. Certainly not yet. Stock markets round the world are still at historically high levels. Some people think that a correction, such as a big fall, is long overdue.

Why should I care about stock markets anyway?

Because if you have a pension, a big chunk of that pot will be invested in the stock market. Like it or not, the movement of share prices affects a lot of us.


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  2. Excellent article for all to know the facts about how the finances of the world gets affected with stock market, government and central banks changing the way they run their day to day affairs – these are basic knowledge yet very powerful information to know what could be expected of changes in the market and moreover how the OneCoin would change all this in the future!

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