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Here is what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology doing to revolutionise the financial future for us all:

The demand for cryptocurrency is growing on a daily basis, online exchanges are packed with hundreds of thousands of accounts and reports say major platforms have 100.000 new customers a day. The growth of the sector immensely influences the platforms that have the most traffic. The public interest in digital money is so enormous that employers are struggling to find enough employees to meet customers’ demands.
Businesses are hunting for blockchain specialists. Blockchain is the revolutionary technology behind every cryptocurrency. Since it is a new concept in programming there aren’t enough people who have much experience in it.
Platforms such as Upwork that offer open job positions for freelancers admit that the number of blockchain-related positions was significantly higher in 2017, compared to previous years. Rich Pearson, Upwork senior vice president, told CNBC that every month blockchain-related offers are posted more often.
The search for blockchain talent on Upwork varies from consultants to cryptocurrency developers. However, in order to get help from a real professional, you have to dig deep in your pockets. The rate per hour ranges from $50 to $200+. A real-life example is Chris Barber. He currently works as a freelance blockchain consultant and charges $225 per hour. His previous occupation was a project manager in an engineering firm.
Initially, he saw it as an opportunity to transform his career and charged $50 an hour but due to the great interest from employers, he increased his rate to $225. His most recent employer is from Dubai who wants to build a short-term rental market replacement. Barber’s task is to build a smart contract script.
Another career-related internet platform, LinkedIn, also reports significant user activity regarding blockchain technologies. As said by LinkedIn representatives, users begin to add blockchain-related skills in their profiles. Compared to October 2013 now 28 times more people cite cryptocurrency skills in their profiles. Additionally, there is also an increase in posts regarding cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers. It seems like the sector is evolving.
Undoubtedly, it wasn’t until the Bitcoin price went up people had any interest in digital assets. Exchange platforms such as Coinbase are in desperate need of professionals. In 2017 the biggest private company in the cryptocurrency (Coinbase) had to double its staff up to 200 employees.
But Coinbase is not the only trustworthy exchange out there. The many others, which are as well widely available, bring a dose of comfort to the community. Years ago, one hackers’ attack led to severe losses but today, crypto and fiat currencies are spread across many platforms. Furthermore, security measures are improved due to the large amounts of money involved.


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