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My very own belief and reasons why I have chosen this business concept to be my number one priority now in creating a legacy are as follows :-

• money has evolved since the human race started to evolve with time when first it was barter trade (700 BC) to gold and silver coins (14th century) to Fiat money as we know it now (21st century). Paper currency now moved towards being digital money through plastic debit and credit cards, online banking, mobile apps to PayPal and telephone banking etc.
• when on 15 August 1971 the US government suspended the guarantee of gold being the main back up for printing paper money, the government has the free will to print as much as they wanted forcing the devaluation of paper money in the name of inflation as time passes
• computers, internet and mobile phones wasn’t available then when we all relied on paper money and now we have e-commerce and online shopping, international trade depended on digital marketing and therefore, it is necessary for the money to have to match this digital challenge and evolve being part of the next technological revolution called “internet of value” – hence blockchain technology will take over to store everything in a secure, safe and transparent public ledger
• Bitcoin was the first mover introduced in January 2009 and has obvious flaws like being decentralised, anonymous and volatile in the market as it has limited supply and demand too
• OneCoin has centralised base with highest number of coins available for the whole global population to a maximum of 120 billions coins – all of the other more than 1,100 digital currencies out there combined has up to 80 billion in capitalisation when OneCoin already reached over that much in revenue within the past three years of being in existence and its capitalisation gone much higher than any of the others put together in this same period spreading in over 196 countries worldwide
• due to the background of Dr Ruja, her education and expertise in this field and the integrity that she has, I have 100% confidence and belief that she knows exactly where she is going with this OneCoin and OneLife Network
• already announced that OneCoin is being listed in the major Asian share market (stock exchange) as a company and at the same time the coin is due to be launched in the open market through ICO offer on 8th October 2018, it will create a huge supply and demand within the 10 million members and 1 million merchants that it is aiming to get in this same period from over 3.2 million members already active mining the coins at present Worldwide
Given all the above, I know it won’t crash or vanish from the face of this earth – too much to gain being a legacy for the future and benefit all for the next generations to come because digital currency is indeed the way forward for the whole world now. Many governments and Banks has already announced their own digital currencies seeking Patents and announcing to go completely cashless in the near future, so why wouldn’t OneCoin be the choice for the masses?
I urge you all to come in now and start mining the coin with whatever packages you can afford and also spread the word amongst your friends and family to get them on board too! This is why I call it “once in the life time” opportunity with OneCoin OneLife Networking!
Dr Ruja already knows that we are not going to have many more splits before we are ready to float in the market and therefore, limiting those packages as well as the big packages going with reduced tokens and coins being available from 16th October 2017! It means that we are all getting ready for the share market and the open exchange next year (2018). She knows in the time we have left before going public, not all splits will happen, hence already planning for the future.
I have team leaders in my team who are dedicated to provide the support and do all they can to educate everyone in this digital currency revolution started with OneCoin – clock is ticking now before the membership is closed and we are at the stage of going to the open market offering our shares and coins to the public, so you can imagine what this could do to the world?
It is our duty to inform everyone now and give them a chance to make as much coins as they possibly can afford at this moment in time and let them celebrate next year when we reach the open market with our company and coin going public . . .
Here are some videos and detailed reports from most authentic sources for your proper due diligence about OneCoin instead of reading bloggers writings which are all wrong stuff to divert you to their websites and earn advertisement revenue as we are the most searched website online according to ranked us No. 63. This all helped me convince myself of this huge potential and I hope it does for you too! Time is at the essence and decision made now will have huge outcome next year God Willing . . .

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